A Simple Braided cowl

The Simple Braided Cowl

The Simple braided cowl is a pattern I created as a complementary pattern to go with the Braided Cable Beanie by Casey @premknits.

The Braided Cable Beanie is one of my favorite beanie patterns and with permission from Casey I am offering this as a free pattern for you!

The Simple Braided Cowl pattern is absolutely beginner friendly and uses less than 1 skein of DK weight yarn.

There is one braid that uses the same technique as laid out in the BCB pattern by Casey and the rest of the body is done in stockinette.

An easy make for quick gifts or to stash bust! This pattern is written in adult size but can be easily adjusted to any size by decreasing the total number of stitches in even numbers.

The pattern


- US 8 24 "circular cable

- 1 skein DK weight yarn

or 2 skeins fingering held double

- stitch markers

- scissors

- tapestry needle

Gauge 4in = 19sx29r blocked

Don't be overly concerned with making exact gauge 1 or 2 stitches off is not a big deal overall.


CO- Cast on

PM- Place marker

K- Knit

P- Purl

KTBL- Knit through the back loop

C8F- place 4 stitches on cable needle and hold to front, knit 4 stitches, knit 4 from cable needle

C8B- place 4 stitches on cable needle and hold to back, knit 4 stitches, knit 4 from cable needle


CO (using preferred method, I used long tail) 100 stitches +1 to join in round (101)

To join in the round: move 1st stitch from left hand needle to right hand needle, Using left hand needle lift 1st stitch on right hand needle and pull it up and over the one you just moved from the left needle and drop to join and tighten. PM (100)


R1-6 *KTBL, P* to end of round

Set up row

R7 K12 stitches, P4, K12, P4, K to end of round


R8 K12, P4, C8F, K4, P4, K to end of round

R9-11 K12, P4, K12, P4 K to end of round 

R12 K12, P4, K4, C8B, P4, K to end of round

R13-15 K12, P4, K12, P4, K to end of round 

Repeat R8-15 a total 6 times or to desired length must end with row 12

Repeat R12 one more time and immediately start ribbing


R1-6 *KTBL, P* to end of round

Bind off using K1, P1 bind off or use Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy cast off. I did a combination of the 2 but either on their own would be fine. Don’t use a standard cast off as it will be too tight!

Lightly block and stay warm!

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