Easy peasy stash busting shawl

Easy Peasy Stash busting shawl

Stashbusting! We all love a fun way to use up some of those skeins laying around, or stuffed in random places all over the house.

For my 2020 Christmas hustle, my mother tasked me with making 9 shawls and 1 scarf for her co-workers as she retired at the beginning of 2021 and wanted to give them something personal as this was her last Christmas working with them.

Her only wishes were that they were all similar in design and that I used up my stash to make them. 

Challenge accepted! 

Since beginning my journey as an Indie dyer, I have rarely had time to use my then sizeable stash of acrylic yarns for much of anything.

So this was the opportunity to work through a ton of it, which I am forever grateful for!

I find that simple patterns allow the colors chosen to really shine while also giving the knitter the flexibility to play with color combos.

This Easy Peasy Stash busting shawl is perfect for beginners and is a definite Knitflix and chill for the more seasoned knitter.




I used exclusively acrylic and acrylic/cotton yarn for this project, but any yarn will work.

You could even hold multiple strands of fingering weight together and add new colors in as you use up that stash! Go wild as this pattern can be modified in many ways, think of it as a blank palette.

*Disclaimer* Now I know that this particular design has likely been done in different ways by many designers, which is why I chose to make this free on my blog. Unless otherwise noted, everything on my blog is in no way giving me any monetary kickbacks. These are essentially my notes being provided in a cohesive manner, because I like to share knowledge. Okay, enough of that!


US 10.5 for DK weight held double

US 11 needles for Worsted held double or bulky

40 to 60" cable to accommodate stitches

2 removable stitch markers

a RS progress keeper (optional)


tapestry needle for weaving in ends


K- Knit

YO - Yarn over

PM - Place marker

SM- Slip marker

RS- Right side


Cast on 6 stitches with yarn held double

R1 set up - K, YO, K, YO, PM, K2, PM, YO, K, YO, K

R2- K

R3 (RS)- K, YO, K to marker, YO, SM, K2, SM, YO, K to last stitch YO, K

R4- K

*I put the progress keeper on R3 side to differentiate RS*

Repeat R3 and R4 changing colors as desired.

I knit 114 rows changing colors every 38 rows. 

Just make sure you pick up the new color on a R3

Once you reach 113 rows or desired length you will be casting off on a R4 pass. 

I used the Icelandic bind off because it's one of my favorites as it's very stretchy and it lays very nicely but feel free to use whatever bind off method you prefer.

Block if desired.

I hope you enjoy making your Easy Peasy Stash busting shawl!

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