Instagram Reels Demos

Instagram Reels Demos

Hello Fiber Fam,

Just a quick check in today!

I have had many requests for the written instructions to my demos on IG. I always include them in my captions, but I can see how it can be tedious for some folks to write them out.

Have you tried writing long hand lately? I think technology has given us baby hands, among other things! Ha!

The people have spoken and I am going to deliver. Going forward I will be listing the new ones on this blog. It may take a little time to list the demos of the past, or maybe I'll just redo them. Who knows? I'll surprise you :)

So if you see a Reels demo on IG that you love and you want to print the written instructions, I have will have that covered for you.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out regarding this matter and I apologize for the delay in addressing it.

If you haven't seen my Reels Demos before, well what are you waiting for?

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